Blonde mooie bruid die een beetje verlegen en lingerie dragen glimlachen. Het meisje blijft bij het raam met blauwe ogen en een lichte glimlach en houdt zichzelf met de hand vast, een hand omhoog

Planning & Location

How we plan

Planning of the wedding in Maastricht at Chateau Neercanne began with the first conversation with the bride Anastasia. She saw our instagram and was very interested in our services. We quickly found a common language and every day began to actively discuss all possible wedding options in the Netherlands. The couple chose the country of tulips because many of their friends live in Europe and it will be easy for them to get to here. The second reason – Maastricht reminds all of Italy with its chic vineyards, hills, cypresses and castles. But at the same time, the climate is much more comfortable for holding a wedding in the summer – not so hot, in August-September no more than +25. Of course, rains are possible, but in such weather you can make beautiful and unusual photos. When we agreed about all the main points, we booked the venue and a signed a contract, we proceeded to organise the details of the wedding.

Chateau Neercanne - best terrace castle

Briefly about the location, the Chateau Neercanne castle is part of the Relais & Châteaux network. This is one of the few castles that has its own terrace, which offers excellent views of two countries at once – Belgium and Holland. For sure it is a perfect place for a wedding in Maastricht. The castle has a restaurant L’Auberge, whose cuisine will certainly delight visitors. This is a Michelin-level haute cuisine. And of course, the pearl of the location is the wine cellars, made in an authentic style with preserved stone walls. Additionally, lights and candles create an indescribable atmosphere. Here you can arrange a wine tasting before the ceremony or after. This will be an unforgettable surprise for guests.

Morning of the bride

Dress, hairstyle and make-up

The fresh August morning began with pleasant hassles, such as preparing the bride – her hair and makeup, for this our stylist arrived early to catch early without fuss. Next was the preparation of the dress and the morning photo session in the room. We decided to spend the hen party with the bridesmaids early in the morning. To do this, we decorated the beautiful lawn at the St. Gerlach, brought decor, various goodies, macaroons and fruits, and of course some champagne. It turned out very cozy and nice. Only close friends and relatives, all with a light enthusiastic mood in anticipation of the ceremony. And lively and laid-back photographs, music and the general atmosphere gave a mood of joy to everyone!

Chateau St.Gerlach - luxurious accommodation

Chateau St. Gerlach is also a member of Relais en Chateau. This is a beautiful restored castle with historical premises, which now provides a luxurious stay in its luxury rooms. There are 113 of them in various capacities. The castle has a chic restaurant with haute cuisine and its own library. There is also a SPA complex and a cozy courtyard in which weddings also take a place. We were pleased to arrange accommodation for our customers in such a nice place.

Blonde beautiful bride wearing lingerie a bit shy and smiling. Girl stays near the window with lowered eyes and slight smile and holding herself with hands, one hand lifted up to close the breast. It is her wedding morning

Wedding ceremony

Important moment that everyone waited

The moment of the ceremony is always very exciting. It is for him that everyone gets ready in a few months. Everything should be perfect. All guests should be seated, music should begin on time. The host’s speech is a separate part of the preparation of the ceremony. It is written specifically for the couple, taking into account all their wishes, facts and memorable events in their life, which must be mentioned. And of course, if the speech is touching, then the river of tears cannot be avoided even by the groom. Live music is something that will undoubtedly complement and excite the feelings of a loving couple. In this case, we chose Frederick, she often works at a wedding in Maastricht. She plays the piano and sings. Her repertoire sounded like well-known songs, as well as her author’s in Dutch. 


Beautiful memories from a big day

The photographer’s task was to catch the most important moments, such as the bride and father leaving, the oaths of the bride and groom, the exchange of rings, the long-awaited tears of happiness and the announcement of husband and wife! This task is unusually difficult, but it is very pleasant. These are the most valuable moments that will never be repeated and will remain forever in the couple’s photo book. After the ceremony, light rain began to spread. And according to the well-known wedding tradition, everyone was delighted with such an omen that promises happiness and wealth to the young.After all the official procedures, all the guests were waiting for a very interesting wine tasting in the cellars. At this time, our couple Anastasia and Yuri went to a photo shoot in the castle. An incredible view was opened from the terrace, which was accompanied by sunset flowers in the sky.

Trouwen in Limburg. Black and white photo where bride and groom going down the stairs after ceremony.

Dinner & Party

High cuisine, wines and atmosphere that can impress you

Dishes and wines for dinner we picked very carefully. The bride and groom came in advance to try all the menu options. And on the wedding day, an indescribable chamber atmosphere was created in a special room at the wine cellars. Million candles were illuminated the whole space, and luminous garlands hung from the ceiling. All this was complemented by large chic white orchids in tall vases. The guests were offered a menu of their choice: meat, fish or vegetarian. There were also venison dishes. All guests were incredibly pleased with the wedding in Maastricht in Chateau Neercanne and the the warm welcome service. Especially impressed with high Dutch and French-Belgian cuisine. The wine selection was also very good and included local varieties.

Dessert and sweet table

As a dessert, we ordered a delicious cake that resembled a bud of delicate roses. Therefore the taste was incredibly tender and tasty. Also guests also received small gifts – each was presented with a personalized box with Dutch waffles, depicting a castle and a wedding date. After that, the newlyweds surprised everyone with their first dance. It performed with live music performed by Frederick for the song Shallow. Thus guests could sing along to them holding sparklers in their hands. After that, everyone moved to the party area, where they continued the party. Also throughout the day there were DJs who controlled the sound and played their sets. In addition you can see and read about more beautiful weddings organised by ILLUMOWEDDING in our blog.

Team and suppliers

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